You can make a difference - here's how


We're crowdfunding to pay for the costs of our campaigning - so that we can create biggest bark possible.  Please do donate - even small amounts can make a big difference.


If you think you can contribute some time, energy or skill to the Wooferendum, please get in touch. You'll be joining a team of freelancers and volunteers who are doing all they can to give the country a chance to think again about Brexit.  We would love your help. 



Are you a dog? Or do you know a dog?
Ask a human to write a sign for you to that you can bark out.

Then tweet it on Twitter (@wooferendum), post it on Instagram or put it on Facebook.

Or all three.

Spread the Word

The Wooferendum is growing.

And we need even more dogs and people to know about it.

The more people you can tell, the more you can help stop Brexit.  


Whether you are a dog or a human, you are welcome on the march.  The next one is on Saturday 20th October at the Peoples Vote march

Join the Wooferendum March