Can Brexit be stopped? You bet!

The picture in this blog post is from way back in winter.  I was taking photos of dogs then, and indeed months before that, starting in September 2017.   Back then, Brexit seemed far more likely to happen. Now it feels far less likely to happen.  This is for three reasons.  The first is a quote that I really like: "The biggest problem with Brexit."  I don't know who said it, but it is so true.  If you have an idea so unworkable, it's difficult to make it happen.

The second reason that Brexit is less likely is how passionate and dedicated remain campaigners are - and for good reason. They care and they act.

And third, the tide is turning.  More and more people are speaking out for a People's Vote - which would give the country a chance to think again. An MP here, a celeb there, an organisation, then a business, then a Tory donor,  and yesterday a huge union.  And of course, all the time, ordinary people, on every medium, in every way.  It's like a huge boulder that more and more people are getting behind to push.  Soon the momentum will really come.

That's why we are barking out. That's why a year ago, when the word 'Wooferendum' came in to my head one Sunday morning, I new it was time to make a sign and start helping the dogs to bark out. It seemed ridiculous and perfectly sensible at the same time. As it does now. The only thing stopping us stopping Brexit is apathy.  So let's all bark out.