Friar Tuck, Brexit and the Wooferendum

Do you ever feel like Friar Tuck?

In every Robin Hood film, there’s a big battle in a castle between Robin’s men and the Sheriff of Nottingham's men.  And Friar Tuck, the plump monk, is terrified. He’s not a fighter. What can he do? So he nervously creeps up the staircase, to hide safely out of the way. But waiting at the top, he can’t help but look over the edge to see what’s happening in the battle. And directly below him he sees one of his friends engaged in fierce hand-to-hand combat with one of the bad guys.  Robin’s man is coming off worse, desperately trying to shield himself from blows. What to do?

Friar Tuck just can’t just stand and watch. So he looks around, spots a big clay vase, picks it up and drops it on the bad guy's head, knocking him out and saving his friend.

Brexit has become a big battle that often feels like we can only watch from the side. How do we have a voice on this? How do we even speak out and show that we don’t want impending disaster. Many of us have livelihoods and friends - especially European ones - that will be particularly affected. It’s bad.

The good news is that Brexit is increasingly stoppable - but not without action.

Dogs are taking a stand and barking against Brexit, on behalf of their best friends, the people.  We can mobilise the country behind this, and show we won’t roll over. The Wooferendum will people a voice on what is normally a tough topic.